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Recruitment process


Submit a request for the recruitment of personnel:

  1. by phone: +7 495 799 45 05

  2. by email: info@veryimportantpersonnel.ru

  3. fill out the form below


We will call you back in order to go through all the details in your request. The cost of the recruitment process can be discussed with the agency manager.


Within 24 hours we will provide you with several resumes, which are matched as closely as possible to all your needs and requests. Inform us which of the Candidates we have offered – you would like to meet for a personal interview, or organise a Skype interview. More candidates’ resumes will be sent to you until you are satisfied you have selected the ideal candidate for you and your family.​


According to the terms of our agency, we provide a 12 months replacement guarantee period, for all position with the exception of yacht crews.


Our consultants ensure the trustworthiness of each candidate through a thorough process of checking references, qualifications and suitability for the role, in addition to verifying information regarding the absence of criminal records, work permits, drivers’ licenses, passports, information on social media sites.