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The Very Important Personnel agency is the leading ​​Household, ​​Family Office & Lifestyle staff ​​​​​​​​​recruitment & placement agency. We are grateful to our clients for placing their trust and loyalty in us!


The agency specializes in the recruitment of personnel in Russia, Europe, the USA and the Middle East. Our offices are located in Moscow and London.


The Very Important Personnel agency selects personnel for private residences, apartments, hotels, Family Offices, embassies and diplomatic residences, private households and private clubs, car manufacturers and cleaning companies, concierge companies and private banking clients, yacht clubs and private jets. All our candidates have extensive experience and checked references. We have only the best, most experienced, highly qualified, checked and verified, prepared and competent candidates in our database. Our candidates will provide you with the comfort, security, and impeccable care for your property, confidentiality and first class quality of service.


The selection and training of household personnel is a lengthy and work intensive process, which requires a lot of effort and time. Our consultants ensure they act with a thorough sense of understanding the needs of the Employers, and always provide an exceptional service in the task of recruiting personnel.

An essential credential for the selection of a Candidate’s resume is at least 3 years’ experience working in a home or the completion of a professional course. 


The agency’s business model, and the unique combination of speed and quality of the services provided are the basis of our success. The Very Important Personnel Agency understands that each client’s situation is unique. Our aim is to fulfill your most exacting requirements and wishes.


We save you time! We know how to check knowledge and skills in the care for special surfaces, wardrobe management, prior to presenting a candidate to the Employer. We know how to check the skills needed for caring for a newborn, the possession of skills for encouraging child development, the possession of skills for effective household cleaning and caring for garments, the ability to choose the correct tools and products for the maintenance of various surfaces and items of clothing.


We select and hire candidates for you, who will provide wellbeing and safety for you and your children, manage existing household personnel, take care of your personal office, private household, car, yacht or private jet.


Thanks to the Very Important Personnel training school for household staff, we have a great deal of trained, highly qualified young candidates.

Property agencies and managing companies.


Luxury property agencies often come to us looking to outsource or hire household personnel, needed for the general and daily maintenance of expensive property which is currently for sale or rented (both short and long term).


By entrusting us with the process of the selection, training and managing of household personnel, your agency can focus fully on your own tasks and responsibilities, safe in the knowledge that we fully understand the requirements and expectations of your high profile clients.


The Very Important Personnel agency carries out the recruitment of housekeepers, wardrobe managers, nannies, chauffeurs, private chefs, domestic couples, house mangers for properties which are for sale or rented for a short or long term period.

Embassies and diplomatic residences.


The household personnel agency, Very Important Personnel, lends its services to embassies and diplomatic residences for the recruitment of house managers, butlers, nannies, ladies' maids, chauffeurs, chefs, air cabin crew for both private and diplomatic flights.


The agency undertakes the recruitment of personnel for special events, as well as the daily maintenance and care of surfaces and wardrobes in embassies and diplomatic residences.

Banks and Concierge Services.


The Very Important Personnel agency is a key partner for concierge services across Russia, Europe and the Middle East.


Many concierge services come to us for assistance with the recruitment of nannies & governesses, housekeepers & laundresses, wardrobe managers & ladies' maids, domestic couples & house managers, chauffeurs & security staff, private chefs & waiters, personal assistants & concierge managers, Family Office & Corporate Office managers, fitness instructors & personal shoppers, English nannies & English governnesses, Russian speaking Private Assistants & Butlers, gardeners & caregivers, personnel for work abroad & stewardesses for yachts & villas. 


Given their vast international experience in household personnel recruitment, the managers of the Very Important Personnel agency are very well equipped to understand the demands and expectations of high profile clients. We are pleased to offer you our exclusive services and hear more about your wishes.

Hotels and Club Houses.


The Very Important Personnel agency provides their services in recruitment to hotels, for temporary, seasonal and permanent positions, staff training and provision of cleaning services during very busy periods.

Car Manufacturers.


The Very Important Personnel agency offers their services in the recruitment, training and re-training of chauffeurs for car companies and companies specialising in the leasing of drivers.


Aside from training to the highest level of service, we carry out a selection of chauffeurs for expats, we also test chauffeurs using the “secret guest” programme, both on behalf of companies and private Employers, in order to practically evaluate the level of expertise and the skills of the chauffeurs.


Call us, and we will find a “rare gem” for you, a highly experienced candidate who will exceed all your expectations: +7 (495) 799-45-05

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